Friday, April 2, 2010

Will You Go to Prom with Me

I'm no youngin, but I still remember my prom. It seems like every year guys were on a mission to come up with the most elaborate way to ask a girl to prom. And why not. If you did a knock out job everyone talked about it. The funny thing is it's been 10+ years since I got all decked out for prom and I don't remember any of those "incredible" stories. Now if you sat me down with some friends from high school I'm sure we'd come up with some doozies, but this aging brain is simply not remembering.

I DO remember that I went with one of my dearest friends to our senior prom and he simply walked up to me in the senior commons and asked, "Syd will you go to prom with me." Easy enough.

So, why am I talking about prom? Don't worry, I'm not trying to force you to re-live my college days with me---I just saw that kids are still at it.

This video proves it. Guys are still trying to impress the ladies.

And I guess the creativity can pick back up when couples start talking marriage later in life. I've heard of some pretty incredible proposals, but we'll save that for another day.

So, do you have/know of any incredible "will you go to prom" stories?

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