Monday, April 5, 2010

This BLOG is for YOU

This is my cute family. Yes, I'm married to one of the co-anchors on KNWA Today, Tom Yazwinski. The sweet girl in the middle is our daughter, Stella. The quick profile about me, the writer on this blog, pretty much sums me up. Since KNWA is officially launching this blog today/tomorrow morning I thought I'd give you a little information on me.

Like my profile says I'm a news junkie at heart (reported/produced for almost 8 years), but after having sweet Stella I found my true passion...being with her. While I was on maternity leave (that obviously turned into permanent leave) I found my love for reading blogs. I enjoy reading other people's take on parenting, fashion, cooking, sports, etc. I'm also a sucker for blogs about how to save a penny here and there and so on.

I have a blog. It's basically pictures of Stella so that I can remember what she was doing at what age, but it's really my tool to share the thousands of pictures we have of Stella with our friends and family!

ALL that being said...KNWA has asked me to renew my journalism roots and help kick off this blog. This blog is not for's for YOU!!!!

SOOOO, I've told you what I like to read/write about, now you tell me what you'd like to see on here. I will be similar to a host/facilitator getting information and stories on here that YOU want.
So lets stop wasting time and tell me why you blog and what you'd like to see on this blog!!!


  1. I love reading about the same things...parenting, fashion, cooking to get great ideas. I love to hear new ways to save money too. I look forward to all the great information this blog will bring. Thanks Sydney!

  2. Hooray I am glad KNWA is jumping into the social media world. Great to "meet" you :)