Sunday, April 4, 2010

Power of a Purse

Ok, ladies it's time to help others in the community! We all have them. Purses. Some of us have more than others. And some of us have some to spare!!! So lets clean out our closets and lending a helping hand.
Power of a Purse
Here's how it works. In honor of Mother's Day, the local chapter of Mothers and More is collecting purses that will be donated to the local Women's Shelter and Peace at Home. The campaign is running from April 5-30th and is designed to raise awareness of mothers' economic issues through collecting new or slightly used purses for mothers and women in need.
You can read more about the campaign on the Mothers and More website.
If you want to help just shoot me an email at or leave a comment and I'll let you know where to take your purse.
I know I have a couple, ok maybe a few, purses I can hand over for this good cause! Plus, who doesn't LOVE a new purse. I'm sure my husband will support this cause. He is always trying to get rid of my purses. He doesn't understand why anyone needs more than one purse. Not to mention the diaper bag I tug around!
Ok, let me know if you want to help!!!! It's for a good cause!


  1. Thanks for the info. That is great. Do they have a program in Portland, Oregon?

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  3. There is a chapter in Portland - see

    I am sure that they would welcome help and donations.