Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Hour

For some people happy hour starts at 5 or right after work, BUT for me happy hour starts at 2 and ends at 4. And it's all because I love a good deal.

There are days that I count done the clock until 2 so I can rush to our local Sonic for a diet coke at half the price!

Yes, it's the simple things in life. Today, I decided to get Stella an apple juice slush and she wanted NOTHING to do with it. She has NEVER liked juice and today was no different. She did, however, love playing with the straw.

Anyway, today was wonderful weather so we headed to the park and stopped by Sonic on the way.

Like I said, it's the simple things in life!

What "simple thing" brightens your day?

Good Thing I Gave Up Sugar

I love studies. It seems there are studies for EVERYTHING. Sometimes I think there are even studies for studies. While I was scanning stories on Arkansas Station's sites I found this study at Arkansas Matters and thought it was very interesting,
To sum up the study, it basically says a mom's (or dad's) kisses can spread cavities to youngsters. I guess there is a bacteria that causes cavities that we can spread by simply giving our little one smooches. When I first read the article I immediately thought it was a good thing i recently gave up sugar and that Stella has her own toothbrushes (yes, she has two). But the study will not detour me for kissing those sweet cheeks!!!! If it means I pay for more dental work in her future, so be it!
How about you, what do you think of this study?

Stressed? What about using SNAKES to CALM You Down?

I can't even look at this picture of snakes on someones back without getting stressed. So I guess this would NOT be a stress reliever for me. Ha!

I was surfing the web when this picture and article definitely grabbed my attention. I started laughing when it said using snakes could help reduce stress. I guess you could say snakes aren't my thing, but it definitely spiked an interest.

According to the article, snakes can help release tension in your upper body. If I was knocked out I might do it, but if anyone asks I'll stick to the basics. I love a good facial and "regular" massage. But if I'm honest with myself, my best stress buster is working out. I wish it was sitting in front of the TV eating sweets, but I feel my best after a good sweat. Does anyone else get where I'm coming from?

Click here for even more bizarre stress relievers.

I'd like to know how you de-stress. Shoot me a note.

Road Trip Minus the Fat

I don't know about you, but this weather makes me think ROAD TRIP. I'm actually taking a mini-road trip next weekend to Little Rock for a friends 1st Birthday party, so Stella and I are excited.

Usually when we load up the car for a LONG road trip (let's say Florida) we like to make sure we're loaded with snacks. And lets face it we're ALL tempted by the yummy treats at the gas stations we visit while on the road. I was reading this article this morning about foods we "normally" grab while on the go and I thought I'd share.

I know I've grabbed the bag of potato chips (and will probably do it again in my future), but I hate that it's the worst food to grab. I decided to make a list for our next BIG road trip.

Snacks(and remember some of these are for a toddler too)

granola bars


trail mix

popcorn (already popped for obvious reasons)



diet drinks

and then of course something sweet...just in case

What will you take on your next road trip?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take a Seat

I am on the search for the perfect chair for Stella. What do you think? What is your favorite? The top two are from Pottery Barn Kids and the Toile is from Land Of Nod.