Sunday, April 18, 2010

Floating By

If you had the crazy enough to bundle up in your winter gear and head out onto the water, the Buffalo River that is, this weekend...then you probably saw me floating (or even swimming, by accident) down with you.
It was cold, wet (only a few raindrops or if you went for a an unexpected dip), and BEAUTIFUL. Seriously people we floated 24 miles with some great friends and LOVED every minute. We camped overnight and had a blast. We started in Ponca and ended in Pruitt.

Our second day of floating was knees even got a little sun burned. But I promise I will post pictures soon (I didn't take my digital camera--the waterproof disposable hasn't been developed yet), but I wish you could seen the outsides of my lower legs. I am one BIG bruise! I'm not kidding. You should know I bruises easily, but I walked around with some battle wounds!

SOOOO, my legs might look pretty beaten up right now but I want to float some more once it gets a little warmer---so where is your favorite spot to float? Do you have any good float stories?

Oh yeah, we saw snakes!

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  1. People ask me all of the time about why Arkansas' (moreso, the ozark area) a great place to live. Well you nailed it. I love the Buffalo! I spent a lot of time with friends on the river during college...

    So without further favorite part start is in Gilbert. Don't know why but it's a blast. Camping at Kyles Landing and Erbie are great too, plus they've got bluffs to jump off.

    PS - I don't like snakes.