Monday, April 12, 2010

To Spank or Not to Spank...that is the Question

Ahhh! As our family approaches the "terrible twos" we've discussed the negatives/positives of spanking and guess what? There's a new study about spanking. I found it while I was browsing the internet and reading stories from my old station KARK in Little Rock. Check out their story here.

Basically, the study says toddlers that are spanked are more aggressive. What do you think? I was spanked as a child and I don't consider myself very aggressive, but then again I wasn't spanked much.

So, I know there many studies out there, but I wanted you to read this one and tell me what you think?


  1. Interesting, a great topic for us first time mamas figuring the toddler stage out! Thanks! Love the blog!

  2. I think it can depend on the child individually, spanking may work for one child and have the opposite affect on another making them more aggressive. I think you have to weigh each child's personality and the reason for punishment as well. It's a bit contradictory to say we don't hit others and then spank kwim. We have spanked ours and I think they will turn our fine, they aren't any more aggressive in fact they are more passive than most their age, well minus my daughter she is pretty aggressive but she has two older brothers we can thank for that LOL

  3. I have looked at most of the research on spanking.
    If you include badly abused kids, and plot their aggression levels against how badly they are beaten, then the more badly beaten kids have higher aggression levels.
    However if you compare kids who receive normal levels of spanking, from loving parents with kids who didn't receive any spanking (but also had loving parents) then you find that the spanked kids have statistically significant lower levels of aggression.

    If all that went over your head, then just focus on my conclusion.
    Spanking (by loving parents) does not increase aggression. Rather it reduces it.

    My suggestions:
    *Love you kids.
    *Set boundaries for their behaviour, and inform them of consequences for breaking those boundaries.
    *Spanking is a very good consequence to set for important misbehaviour.
    *I set demerit points for minor misbehaviour. 10 demerits earns them a spanking.
    *Apply the consequences consistently, and within a close loving relationship with your children.

  4. light "play" spank, nothing feels nicer than touching naked toddlers

  5. I agree, then have mum hold him tight while his pants and undies come off and I enjoy that sweet, tight little arse, I wonder how much he can take at his age?