Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day...any Suggestions?

Please tell me that you agree that this is the most precious gift EVER. My sweet husband did GREAT last year for my first Mother's Day. If you can't tell the wings of the butterfly are Stella's cute little feet. This present will be precious to be FOREVER for several reasons. I just love the idea that Tom took her into a local pottery store and did this all on his own. Major hubby points!
So, that was last year and this year I told him I wanted TOMS so that's what I got. Ha! I'm going to be out of town on Mother's day so it works.
ANYWAY, what are you getting for YOUR moms?
I will actually be with my mom and grandma for Mother's day, so I think they're just excited 4 generations will be together!
We are on a budget, but I want to get both grandma's a little something for Mother's Day...SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!!

AND GOOD NEWS FOR YOU...we have an incredible giveaway for those looking for the perfect gift. I'm not going to say much now, but the two links below are HINTS. Check back this weekend for details!

All I know is...I wish I was eligible to win, BUT I'm be sure to check back because I want SOMEONE to enjoy these!

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  1. For my mom I made her a photo dvd to music. For mother in law we are making a photo book.