Monday, January 10, 2011

What Would You Wear?

If you know who this guy is then you're either watching this season of The Bachelor or you've watched in the past. Because, YES, this guy is BACK for a second chance at love. Brad Womack is the infamous bachelor that turned two girls down during the final rose ceremony. Well, ABC thought he was a good choice for round two. After hearing his story and his deep apologies to the girls he "lead on" his first go around I believe this Texas boy may have changed, but it really doesn't matter what I believe.
So, after swearing off all future bachelors season after season...I'm once again hooked. But after watching Monday's premiere I really started to wonder what I would wear for the first episode. After all, it is the first impression, your first time (at least for most) on national television, etc, etc.
I thought some of the dresses were classy and cute and others looked more like shirts that barely covered the ladie parts. Some girls hair was out of whack. Some girls acted like fools and I was embarrassed for them. All that to say, I've never been in a situation with 29 other girls trying to get ONE guys who am I to judge.
But I DO know that I would wear something classy. I even asked some of you on Facebook what you would were and I loved some of your answers. I think I agree with those of you that said jeans and a shirt. If I want the guy to like me for me...then I might as well give it to him on the first meeting. Lets face it, when the TV crews are gone and it's us alone...I'll be comfy in my jeans and t-shirt. I wonder if a girl would EVER consider doing that or if the network would even allow it.
I'll never find out, but I would have great respect for a girl who just got out and showed her REAL self.
So, tonight is episode 2...we'll see how it goes. I'm not sure I'm sold on this season. If you don't know already here's a real reason I'm not sold on the "reality" of this show...there's a girl who has fangs. I'm interested to learn more about her.
Ok, enough about reality TV.

maybe later this week I can blog about how to NOT go crazy if you're home with kids during the snow...but we'll have to see how much we get.


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