Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monthly Book Review: The Help

I have to admit when someone recommends a book I tend to brush it aside, but my mom swore up and down that I'd love The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I've always enjoyed reading about civil rights and this book did NOT disappoint. I felt like I was back in the 1960's in the deep south where it was normal for black maid's to raise a white families children and clean around the clock. While reading this book I could feel the bond between "the help" and the children. That type of lifestyle has always intrigued me. I can't imagine it in today's day and age, but lets face it the roots of that era still has a strong hold on many in the south. I don't want to give away too much in the book. You can actually visit the author's website here for a glimpse of what you can expect if you haven't read it.
I thought it was a great read. It was actually hard for me to put the book down while I was on vacation. I DO wish I knew what happened "next." I know at least one of my twitter friends said it was a good book, but they were disappointed in the ending.

But to be honest, there were really only positive things said about The Help.

Here are a few comments from facebook:

Cassie wrote, "The Help is one of my all time faves. So captivating and moving."

Patty wrote, "Love The Help. The narrative grabbed me and held me."

Katie said, "LOVE it. My book club read it and it was one of our favorites."

Another twitter friend admitted she could here her nanny in the story lines.
And that's another thing I loved about this book. The author, Kathryn Stockett, relates to the main character, Skeeter. This is not only a story she was writing, but a story she can/does relate to. And lets face's not the 1960's anymore. We can't push this book off as a storyline that happened in the "past" it is still very real today...even if it looks a little different I believe we still encounter "the help" in a new way.

Anyway, what do you think? If you haven't read it, you should. If you have, share your thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers. Please feel free to disagree with me.

Oh and if you want to join in on the next book...I'm going with a suggestion from a friend on Facebook.
Originally we were going to read In the Sanctuary of an Outcast by Neil White, but it's hard to find right now. SO since we're almost half way through the month we're going to read Saving CeeCee Honeycutt. My mom just finished it and said it was an easy, but great read. It's by Beth Hoffman. I promise we'll read Neil White's book in the near future.

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