Friday, January 7, 2011

Dreams Really Do Come True

When you wish upon a star...Ok, sorry my little one is watching Pinocchio while I write this. But seriously, when I think of dreams coming true I think of the famous Disney song.
I know there are Hog fans around the state that are bummed to see our star quarterback leave early for the NFL, but CONGRATS to Ryan Mallett.
It was officially announced yesterday and in a letter to the press Mallett said it was always a dream to play for the Hogs and he's done that and now it's on to bigger dreams. While it's a sad day for a the Hogs isn't it fun to see other's dreams come true.

I know of a lot of little boys that dreams of playing on Sundays and well, now they're grown men still dreaming (or maybe their dreams have changed).

There are a lot of sports analysts talking about this decision. Here is a little history on the star QB with the Hogs.

Now that it's official all of us Razorback fans will have to cheer for Mallett on Sundays! Here's to wishing him luck and success on his new journey with the pigskin.

Now, back to you have any dreams or past dreams...please share.

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