Friday, January 28, 2011

How Young is Too Young for Make-up?

We've seen young girls glammed up in shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and young actresses strutting their stuff. I have my own opinions on youngsters looking like 20 year olds, but now Walmart is unveiling a makeup line geared towards tweens.

This make me think and I can honestly tell you I don't remember when I first wore makeup. Lets be honest, I don't wear much make up still and I'm 30, but may be the northwest girl inside of me :)

So I asked many of you what you thought of a whole line geared towards today's tweens (girls ages 8-12). I KNOW I wasn't wearing makeup that early, but things are changing. I can't imagine Stella putting on make up in 6 years. She loves chap stick now, but it's more of a copying mommy phase right now.

But many of you sounded off on facebook and twitter...
here were some of the responses...

Susie wrote, "My girls are 11 and 12. My 11 year old is ready to wear it now and my 12 year old has not interest at all. I've set the 8th grade as the bar for us."

Becky wrote, "Never! Ha ha! I'm thinking 13 sounds like a good number."

Dawn says she let her daughter start with lipgloss before she was 13, but now she can wear concealer and a little mascara. But Dawn says she will take her to a make up artist so her teen knows how to do her make up the right way.

Several of you said just let kids be kids. They have their whole lives to be adults, so lets slow things down instead of speed them up.

As for our girls...their daddy says 16. Ha, we'll see how that goes over in the future!

You can read all about the new make up line here.
Also, if you have thoughts on this topic please leave a comment!

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