Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Toasty Toes...Is this a Bad Thing?

Snow, and possibly lots of it, is back in the forecast I'm busting my Uggs out to keep my toes toasty. I own 2 pairs and would love more styles and colors, but a new study suggests they might be unhealthy. WHAT?! How are cute, furry, and stylish books bad for you.
Well, according to this article sheepskin boots can be a breeding ground for fungus and cause odor and chronic foot pain, especially if worn for long periods of time.
This is so sad because they're SOO comfy and cute. So, does this mean I'll treats my feet to a different shoe as snow continues to blanket the area? NOPE. I'm going to live on the edge. What about you? Are you concerned about this health risk?


  1. I just can't get on the UGG wagon! I bought some other cute boots instead. I just can't....I don't know! I just found this blog... :) wanted to comment. Uggs are just I don't know....they seem to be a fad...
    Erin at

  2. I like to wear my Ugg like boots in the snow, or cold weather. I wear them outside and they are so comfy. I just make sure I have an extra pair of shoes if I am going to be out for a while and then I can remove the Uggs and change in to those shoes, so I will avoid the fungus and foot pain that can be associated with them. I only wear mine for short periods of time. Not enough to cause harm. That's just my opinion.