Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

It's hard to believe Christmas is Saturday! If you've driven near any malls or shopping centers then you know the last minute rush is ON. But have you noticed all the stores advertising about their great stocking stuffers.
Call me the Grinch, but we're not doing them this year because Stella doesn't know the difference yet and we've got PLENTY of little toys and trinkets around the house as it is. However, there are some GREAT deals out there right now. This morning on KNWA Today the crew talked about what YOUR stockings include Christmas morning and there were some creative and traditional ideas that I wanted to share here too.
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Stocking Stuffer ideas...
Tina said "My Grama always used actual socks. She would put the mate in the bottom and fill the sock with fruit and candy. And after Christmas we had a cozy new pair of socks for winter."

Kelly wrote, " I always put the persons favorite snack. I also put things people use on a daily basis, like toiletry items..."

Deborah wrote, "Lottery scratch off tix."

Check out the facebook page because there are more ideas!
Happy Stuffing!

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  1. I put crayons, markers, stickers, a little hard notebook (for me to carry in my purse for them to write on in emergency "cranky" situations) and a plastic snow globe in the kids stockings this year.

    I put a couple of movies and some candy in Matt's.

    My mom goes all out with the stockings--with pricey things.