Friday, December 24, 2010

Do You Believe?

Merry Christmas Eve!
By now I hope all your shopping is done and the wrapping is a chore of the past, but now the fun begins.
I'll start by saying it's always important to remember the REAL reason for the season, but the hallmark side of Christmas is always fun too.

After all, you probably remember the days of waiting for Santa to land on your roof and squeeze down your chimney and always wondering how it is you missed him AGAIN! The magic of Rudolph's nose and the crumbs left from Santa's cookies...for me those are some great childhood memories.

I recently talking with some "adults" about the magic that can fill the air this time of year and we all talked about if we still believed? You betcha! I might now the truth behind good ole Saint Nick, but I BELIEVE in the magic of him.

Since I'm always looking for creative ways to make family traditions I thought some of these suggestions from my friends were fun. We all want to BELIEVE as long as possible.

One friend leaves dirt marks on the floor near the tree where Santa dropped off his presents. Another has a piece of Santa's pants (a piece of red fabric) caught on a nail in the fireplace where Santa got caught up. One family turns the temperature in the house way down because Santa and his reindeer bring in Arctic air. And I loved this one because you don't hear about Mrs. Claus often...they put on super bright red/can't rub off lipstick and kiss the kids cheeks as they sleep so they wake up to find a kiss from Santa's lovely wife.

As a kid if you don't believe after that it might be a lost cause, but thought some of those ideas were super cute and original. I still believe....lets face it...if we don't believe Santa will stop visiting.

Merry Christmas EVE!

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