Monday, December 27, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I hope you ALL had a fabulous Christmas and are enjoying the down time before the New Year. I can't believe it's almost 2011! Crazy how time flies.

Earlier today I asked my "tweeps" (you can follow me @knwablogger) what their favorite Christmas present was this year. And oh my GOODNESS you all sound like you were good little boys and girls this year!

There were A LOT of Sugar Bowl gifts. Go Hogs. I hope all of you that are going have a blast. Cheer loud for me because I'll be home calling the hogs from the comfort of my couch.

I know that I loved getting stuff for the babies room. Now that we're less than 2 months out I'm really feeling the pressure to get things in order, so this had helped with that.

But I wanted to share what some other lucky folks got this Christmas!

Jennifer wrote, getting the chance to go home for the holidays.

Jeff said, SUGAR BOWL BABY. (this was a big trend)

Sara said, "My grown-up study Bible and Shark steam mop."

Jenna responded, "Jimmy Choo Hunter books, Kate Spade iPhone4 case, and a Polaroid printer I can hook my computer and phone directly to."

Whitney said, "DSLR camera, photoshop, Coach purse, and money!"

Julee wrote, "iPhone4, Kindle and our new blu ray player with wifi. We love technology gifts for Christmas."

Some of you also responded on Facebook...

Gregg wrote, "All my kids were here plus two sons-in-law."

Misty wrote," Justin got me a painting. Parents got us a Keurig. Kids gave us adorable hand-made goodies. Love them all (givers and gifts!)"

Kerryanne said, " My nookcolor and pandora bracelet with a charm for each of the boys."

Getting to visit and baby sit my 7-month-old nephew Mikey. Such a doll!! was Lisa's favorite present.

Lisa says her iPad.

Addie wrote, "A radio/cd player for the car from my husband! I have been driving around for about 6 months without it and it is going to be so great to finally listen to music with the kiddos in the car!!"

Bethany said," I got a robot that cleans my house! Really, I did! Gabe got me a Roomba and I love it!"

And finally, Elli wrote, "Eureka floor steamer."

That's just a handful of those who were on Santa's nice list this year!

Feel free to share your favorite gift in the comments!

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