Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't Forget to Enjoy the Season...

If any of you are like me then this time of year is super crazy. Well, this past weekend at my church, Church at Arkansas, they had an advent guide to help us remember why we celebrate this time of year. I know many of you have great family traditions while others of you are looking for ideas, so I thought I'd share this with you. I hope this helps make this time of year more than just parties, sweets, presents, and plays. Enjoy!
The Church at Arkansas Advent Guide
The word "advent" simply means "arrival." This is the time of year to intentionally reflect on, anticipate and celebrate the coming of Christ - both His first coming and His coming again.
So to help make the most of this Advent season, set aside an hour as soon as you can to walk through the following"
1. Decide which activities are most important to you: spending time alone with the Lord, baking cookies with your kids to take to neighbors, volunteering at 7 Hills homeless center or reading the Bible together as a family. These activities are important, but no one will ever make you do them. It's up to you to schedule them.
2. Schedule the "have-to's": study time, travel, school plays and activities, office parties, etc. You may not want to do all of these, but some can't be avoided so get them into you calendar. Just don't be too quick to call something a "have-to." It's ok to say no to some things.
3. Schedule some evenings for the family fun and traditions. Watch a Christmas special. Play a game. Read together. Listen to Christmas music as you drive around looking at lights. Take your family to the square and let the kids ride the camel. Make ornaments for your tree. Just do things together as a family. Schedule these times, so if something else comes up, you have the freedom to say you're already booked. Again, don't be afraid to say "no" to good things to protect the best things.
4.Make time for your marriage. December can be a month to actually grow closer, not apart. It just requires being intentional.
**source: Church at Arkansas

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