Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...Maybe Next Year

So I might hold the record for the quickest/earliest Christmas tree cleanup ever!
Stella (our 2 year old) has been suffering with a cold/allergies, so in an effort to get rid of anything that was making her miserable we took DOWN our tree TODAY. Yes, we know there are only two days left, but I swear she is already feeling a little better. I think part of that is the antibiotic she is on for her ear infection and the absence of our REAL tree.

Speaking of REAL tree, I never knew people had fake trees until I moved to the south. You see in Oregon (where I grew up) there are tree farms galore and everyone has real trees. So what's this mama to do now that I have to shop for a (gasp) FAKE tree. I know there will be incredible sales on trees come December 26th. I need your help/suggestion for the best place to find the most "real-looking" tree so we don't make our little one miserable next year.

I will admit it does feel good to have all the ornaments wrapped up and put in the storage box, but Santa will have to be creative on setting up his treats tomorrow night.

Hope you're all enjoying your time off. For those of you who are still working...thanks for all you do!

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