Monday, March 21, 2011

When To Turn & When Not To Turn

Most of us know that little ones like this baby sit the car the facing the back, or rear facing. They are supposed to sit like this for a year and weigh at least 20 pounds..WELL, today that changed according to a segment on Good Morning America.
Now, they are saying kids should sit rear-facing until they're two. What do you think of this? I know when our oldest turned one we switched her and she was super happy because she had leg room and could see out the windows. I can't imagine cramming her little legs rear-facing for another year. But I did have a friend that did that with her little boy and it was fine because he didn't know better.
The study says one year olds involved in a car accident that are rear-facing are 5 times LESS likely to be injured. That's a pretty good safety reason to stay rear-facing, but what do you think of the new guidelines suggestions? You can read more here. The story also mentions leaving kids in booster seats longer...thoughts?

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