Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Potty Training...I NEED YOUR HELP

Let me start by saying we all did it. One day in our lives we all tackled the task of tee-teeing in the potty, but right now it feels like my toddler will NEVER show an interest.
I know awhile back I had high hopes of having her out of diapers before #2 arrived, well, that has come and gone and everyone (besides mommy and daddy) are still in diapers. So, here I am asking for your help.
I need a little potty training advice. What worked best for you. Our toddler is 2 and a half. Right around her birthday she showed some interest but that went out the door quickly. here we are 6 months later and every time we mention the potty she says NO.
Do any of you suggest the potty boot camp...intense training for a few days? Should we wait until she says she's ready? Help. I know she'll get it, but what do I need to do as a mommy to help her along.
Any and ALL advice is welcomed!

I know I sound like a crazy women trying to do this with a new baby, but I thought I'd get some feedback and then weigh my options.

Thank you in advance!


  1. Get her some panties and let her wear them during the day. Dont give her a choice, take her to the bathroom at least every hour and have her sit on her potty and try. A few M&M's or other small candies or fruit work well as treats for when she does go. There will be accidents, but even if she is not showing interest, she will begin to be proud of herself when she is successful. At night, put her panites on her and use a Pull-Up over her panties. If she stays dry all night, you can use the pull up again the next night since it wont have actually touched her bottom and wont be dirty. If she doesnt make it all night, well the panties can be washed and her bed wont be soiled. This is just a few things that worked for my daughter.

  2. Those are good ideas. That is what I did with my daughter. Candy was a great motivator. And once its warmer- I would let her go bottomless and keep the potty close, that way if she felt like going she didn't have to pull pants down. Eventually she will get the hang of it. I had to up the prize to mini My Little Ponies for #2 in the potty! But only for a week or so, now she goes and doesn't expect a prize for either. :-)
    Good Luck!

  3. I posted a potty training blog when my son was 22 months old and successfully potty trained! People say it's different with boys and girls, and, although my son is my only child (so far), my mom has worked at/owned a daycare since I was 3 and disagrees! She says, it's the same basic principles for both sexes and shouldn't be any harder with one or the other.

    Good luck!!!

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  5. I used Pottywise on a all three of my older children & will on my youngest here soon. It's a great resource. All my kiddos were potty trained within a week and by the age of two. Best part, I didn't have to pressure them, just used the guidelines in the book & everything worked great. It's so great when you don't have to change diapers or wet clothes... keep your eye on the prize:) Good luck!