Monday, March 14, 2011

Picky Eater Solutions?

Is it a battle at your dinner table? Do you have to beg your kiddos to eat their veggies? Do you go the extra mile to get them to choke down their food?

Well, a new study has tips on how to get your little ones to clear their plates! The tips may seem simple and like common sense, but according to this article they work.

The tips include: don't give up, make it taste good, combine veggies with other favorite foods, make mealtime fun, and even plant a garden with your family.

If you have tips you want to share with other parents struggling to clean their kiddos plates...please share.


  1. My son isn't necessarily picky - he's unpredictable. One day, broccoli will be hilarious little trees and he'll eat them without batting an eye. The next time I fix it, he won't touch it. He's the same way with many foods. I never know what he will/won't eat at any given time. It's frustrating, but I just feed him what I feed him...and if he eats, he eats. I don't make him separate meals if he decides he doesn't want to eat what I've served, but sometimes I do offern something additional that I know he likes.

  2. Mine will try new food if I tell her to smell it first, if it smells good then touch it to her tongue, if it's still good, then eat a small bite. It works pretty good- even on foods that she usually likes, but decided at the time doesn't.