Monday, November 22, 2010

Will You Cheer for the Tigers?

To say the SEC has been entertaining this football season is an understatement! SO many ups and downs...big wins and big get my point. But lets face it, that's what makes this conference so much fun.

Now, I know 99% of you reading this will be calling those Hogs loud and proud this weekend, but what about Auburn? I know we're playing the Tigers of LSU and we WILL win, but what about the other Tiger team? Lets face it...we (as Hog fans) want and NEED them to WIN. Will you cheer for Auburn? We were so close to beating them and oh I wish we had, but now if they win this weekend they go to the National Championship game AND when we beat LSU then that means the HOGS will go to the Sugar Bowl!

Can I get a WOO PIG SOOOOIE!?! Oh it's going to be an awesome weekend of football. I can't think of a better way to work off that turkey then cheer and scream at the TV all weekend.

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