Sunday, November 21, 2010

Airport Screenings...Like or Dislike?

If you haven't heard about the new airport screenings popping up at airports across the countries then you are lucky. It seems everywhere I turn some news organization is covering the controversy about these screenings.
Since I recently flew I as interested to see these new regulations in person, but the airports I visited haven't "upgraded" yet. BUT let me tell you it is the talk of the "town" in airports. People have VERY strong opinions on BOTH sides. Let's face it, LONG gone are the days of kissing loved ones goodbye at their gate. It all stems back to 9/11 and in my opinion I'd rather be overly cautious then not safe enough, but I know not everyone agrees.

If you don't know, the new screenings include two options full body scan (basically, an x-ray) or a pat down. Now, I have seen stories where it looks a bit ridiculous for little kids to get patted down by strangers. I don't think our little one will like that, but it's only for a couple minutes and then we're off. As travelers we do have the option of choosing what we want. Since I'm pregnant I was prepared for a pat down, but again, I didn't have to experience either.
SOOO...what do you think? I know there are several arguments for each side. I tend to lean towards be careful so I'm fine with the changes, but I don't travel as often as some of you. I DO think it goes back to what our parents taught us when we're little..."If little Johnny does it and ruins it for everyone, then we're done." Well, unfortunately terrorists have ruioned traveling for all of us, but thankfully we have technology and knowlege to make sure it doesn't happen again! Do you feel it's an invasion of privacy? Are you upset it's gotten this far?

Let me know because I KNOW there are opinions out there.
If you're traveling for the holidays this upcoming travels and have fun!

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