Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Unhappy Times for Kids Meals in San Francisco

If you're planning to visit the Bay Area anytime soon with your little ones you'll want to make sure you order them a healthy kids meal if you want them to get the promised toy so many are accustomed to.
Recently, it was voted on and APPROVED in San Francisco to BAN toys in kids meals at fast food chain restaurants. Kids can still get a toy with there meal ONLY if the ordered meal contains fruits and veggies, is less than 600 calories and is low in fat and sodium.
I wonder if this will become a growing trend..what do you think?
I know the story alone makes one think. Yes, fast food is not good for you that's why it's cheap and easy to get our hands on, but it's been around for years.
Will this action really change the way we order fastfood?
I admit it, Stella has had a kids meal a time or two, but I know it's better if she eats her well-balanced meal at home and we try our best to provide that everyday.

I know there's not a ban here in NWA, but the reasons of the BAN in California is enough to make me reconsider if I'm going to swing through a drive-thru for a quick meal for my growing toddler.

What do you think? Do you think this should go nationwide? Is it up to the parents/guardians to watch what their little ones eat, or should officials set in to help with kids well-being?
Ok, lots of food for thought. Here's a link to another article on the decision in San Fran. And here's another story in the NY Times.

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  1. As a mother of one child that is extremely picky and the mother of one child that loves all food including healthy is really a struggle to get my picky one to eat completely healthy. I think parents that have children that are easy eaters just don't understand and say "well if you just didn't give them another option" have clearly never had a really picky eater. I work really hard to get her to eat healthy things on a regular basis...that said, she has a happy meal sometimes and I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Sometimes I order the apple sticks and sometimes I order the fries. I don't think not allowing children to have their happy meal toys is the right solution.