Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fashion: Football Fever

I know many of you have seen this shirt because I've seen it on blog and twitter, BUT I LOVE this shirt for hog games. Lets face it, I didn't grow up in the south, so I grew up wearing t-shirts and jeans to football games (and normally bundled up from head to toe). So it was a shock when I started at the U of A and girls were decked out in their best for the football games. Don't get me wrong I love that tradition, but now that I'm older I love finding cute shirts like this and wearing them with fun jeans, etc. You can click on the shirt for more information.
Sticking with the casual attire I saw this awesome shirt on twitter yesterday. What do you think?
What are you favorite traditions for hog games!?
Woo PIG!


  1. You can get the long sleeve WOO PIG SOOIE shirts at ZORTEES!

  2. Zortees is awesome to work with for custom shirts and these Razorback shirts are awesome!! Head down Township to find them!