Thursday, August 5, 2010

Common Cleaners that are Dangerous For Toddlers

I follow UAMS on twitter and at least once a week there is a study a that peaks my interest. This study is about common cleaning sprays that can be dangerous for toddlers. At first I didn't look at the study because Stella shows no interest in all our supplies under the sink, etc, but with another one on the way we might not be as lucky.

The good news is, the number of injuries of little ones from a cleaning product is down almost half since 1990, but there are thousands poisoned every year. So, I thought this might seem like common sense, but lets face it common sense can sometimes go out the window when we're sleep deprived, dealing with a screaming toddler, have house work to do, work to do, and simply deal with the rest of life. Check out the study.

I recently decided to do a lot of my cleaning with vinegar and beside the money saving plus of this decision the bottles are not fancy or colorful. It might be worth checking out so little ones aren't attracted to the bright stickers and colors on cleaning supplies.
Well, I should probably go clean since I keep putting it off to do EVERYTHING ELSE instead. :)

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