Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School Immunizations...YUCK

According to Newsroom Solutions, health experts are urging parents to not wait until the last minute to get their little ones back to school check ups and shots. Well, we're in the last hour here in Arkansas so if you haven't done so you probably fall into the last minute category.
A chief nurse practitioner at a Walgreens store says making sure kids get proper preventative care is key in keeping them healthy.
I know it might seem like common sense, but who doesn't like a friendly reminder here and there.
Along with routine sports physicals, many walk-in clinics are offering flu vaccines that against H1N1 and other strains that are predicted to be active this year.
Of course, as parents we can always remind our little ones the proper technique for washing hands and taking care of themselves.
I can't believe some kids have already started school and the rest begin later this week. To all you parents out there ready to get back on a schedule....yeah! And for those of you dreading it...winter break will be there before we know it!

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