Friday, August 20, 2010


Is ANYONE else feeling my pain? Seriously, it's August and my allergies are out of control. This could be along allergy season if this keeps up. I know there are others out there feeling my pain because I seen a lot of tweets about little ones runny noses, tissues, SNOT, get my point.

So what is in the air that is stirring up this lovely feeling in my head? I took Stella to the doctor last week to make sure it was "just" allergies (which it was...her cough is horrible) and the doc said ragweed was up right now. Who knew ragweed could put my head in a fog and make me want to RIP OFF MY NOSE!

Ok, enough with my ranting, but when your pregnant you a limited to medicines and I just want this to pass. I'm now holding out for a little extra sleep this weekend (ha, jokes I probably on me) and a new look on life Monday.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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