Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time to Pack Up and Head Out

Almost everyone I know has a big summer trip planned this summer. Whether it's a trip across the state in the car or hopping on the next plain to paradise folks are packing up and heading out. We do have some fun thing planned for this summer so I'm really trying to prepare myself for traveling with a very BUSY toddler.
SO, I thought I'd open the old trusty laptop and seek your advice and wisdom when it comes to traveling with kiddos.

A couple months ago I braved the friendly skies with our toddler by myself and survived, but I want EVERY trip to be enjoyable with as little hassle as POSSIBLE. Tom, doesn't really like travel day as it is, so add a 21 month old and it can get hairy.
Ok, back to the reason of the blog. I've talked to several of my mommy friends and they've given me some great tips, but I want to hear from you so we can all be in the know of how to kill time while traveling.

Here is what I've heard and I've tried some and they've been great, but remember new ideas are KEY because kids need to be entertained every second!

Buy NEW Goodies...this includes new snacks and toys
*different flavor of cheerios, fruit snacks, chips, juice, etc
*stickers...Stella LOVED these on our last trip
*coloring books, new books
*videos--we haven't resorted to this yet, but I hear it works. I'm trying to hold off.
*if you're flying introduce them to the pilot and hopefully they'll get pilot wings
*a new version of their favorite toy

Those are a few of some ideas from friends. I know a lot of people kicking off their summer with trips in the next couple of weeks, so I'm sure the list will expand once people hit the road or the sky.

Please leave me your helpful tips!

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