Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time to Love on Daddy

I know it's Thursday and we normally talk reality TV, but I decided to skip it this week and talk about something even MORE real...our Dads. I'm lucky enough to have an incredible dad that has supported me in EVERYTHING I do, so I like to make sure he's celebrated on Father's Day.

I have several friends who aren't close with their dads or have lost their dads, so this holiday can be tough.

But there is definately one daddy that is VERY loved by his little girl. Happy early Father's Day TOM!

We aren't getting anything for Tom this year because he got me a nice camera for my birthday and we agreed that would be part of his present too. I just mailed my dads and grandpa's cards so I hope they get their in time.

WHAT are you getting your dads for Father's Day? Or what have been your favorite gifts? I know for my dad it was handmade stuff when we were little.
For all you awesome dads out there, Happy Father's Day...a little early.

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