Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Oh Monday! You were NOT good to me this week.
Yes, I know it's Tuesday, but seriously friends, I am still recovering from a "no-good-yucky" Monday. I tried to post this story yesterday morning, but the link was down. Then I had a doctors appointment for a lovely sinus infection. (I'm feeling better today) and THEN I tried to post this again yesterday evening and our wifi modem was broken. So today we purchased a new one (of course not in the budget) and we're back in business. Ok, I'm really not that upset. These inconveniences are very MINOR in the grand scheme of things, but yesterday definitely felt like a Monday. I;m sure you know what I mean...ok, enough with that!

You're probably wondering what in the world is this picture all about. Well, after the rain storm in the morning I thought it was time to tackle the inevitable...CLEANING. I don't know about you but the warm sunny weather is a great excuse for me to vacate the house/ the mess and go play and ignore my daily chores.
Well, finally Mother Nature gave me an excuse to stay in, so I decided to conquer the kitchen first and I thought I'd let you know about my newest secret weapon. (it's not new by any means, but it's a new favorite of MINE).
I really can't stand the smell of cleaners that smell so chemically. COME ON...I just cleaned why isn't there a fresher smell? :)
So, after talking to a couple friends from church I decided to research what they were telling me about...who knew VINEGAR is the cure all when it comes to cleaning.
So right now I'm using a mixture of water and vinegar as my main cleaning tool, along with an old t-shirt for a rag, in the kitchen and bathrooms. the ONLY complaint we have so far is my husband says the trash always smells like vinegar (from the dirty paper towels), but I think that's a better smell than dirty diapers, HA!
If you're interested into cleaning a little more "green" I've been visiting Sara Snow's website a lot of ideas and combinations. Check it out.

Now it's your turn...what are your favorite cleaning tips/tricks!

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