Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mani/Pedi for Toddlers

My little one has been clawing us with her nails lately so I finally convinced myself I could do this (it's normally a fight) and we'd trim those nails.
Well, after about 5 minutes and a mini-meltdown I decided to call in the troops and ask you on twitter. THANK YOU so much! She no longer has claws and decided she wanted short nails like mommy.
I thought I'd share some of the tips from you with others...please leave me a comment if you have another tactic because I'm sure others need some tips and I know we'll need to switch it up each trim.
@MrsSaraScott says "I let Lilly hold a fingernail file and she goes behind me and 'files' after I cut each nail."
@Jenna05 "I put him in his highchair and occupy his other hand with a snack!"
@superchikk "I trim Caedmon's while he's watching cartoons - something he really loves. Keeps him from thinking abut the clippers."
@jfrancis1 "I do it while Brody sleeps! It's the only time he's still. Ha!"

Thank you and good luck with your little one's mani/pedis :)

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