Monday, July 12, 2010

Texting vs. Tweeting

Sorry...for the lack of post Friday I was having some computer issues and had a lot of baking to do for a bridal shower on Saturday that I didn't have too much time to mess with it. Oh technology!

There are times technology can drive me crazy, but come on you can't beat how hand it is. So on that note, lets talk texting. If you live in Arkansas than you should know that it is illegal to text while driving. I'm not sure how many people obey that law, but it's the law. That being said I came up on a very interesting argument a couple months back about texting versus tweeting. A girls mother was getting onto her for "texting" while driving (she had just passed by and witnessed her frantically typing away while behind the wheel...tisk, tisk, tisk.) Well, the girl was SOOOO annoyed with her mother and said she wasn't breaking any law. She wasn't texting instead she was TWEETING!
IS THERE A DIFFERENCE WHILE DRIVING? I looked up the law it simply says texting. So where does tweeting fall under that.
Lets face it we can do a lot of communicating while making our way around town, BUT studies say its more dangerous to text/tweet while driving than drinking and driving. I get so frustrated when I see a car around me weaving only to notice they're urgently sending out that very important message.
I'm not saying I'm a is very tempting to do it myself, but now with Stella in the car I don't want to chance it and I wish other drivers wouldn't put us at risk anyway.
Ok, enough with the soap box and back to the girls argument. She wasn't texting...she was tweeting. What do you think?

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