Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, and Camels OH MY

Last week we loaded up and head to Gentry for the Drive through Safari and it DID NOT disappoint.
Everything from camels to deer to monkeys and buffalo were right up next to our car. You're not supposed to roll down the windows, so we didn't. I'm a big rule follower :) It was great.

But the fun didn't end in the car. There is an amazing petting portion of the zoo. Stella got to feed this monkey as well as play with turtles, bunnies, chickens, cows, etc.
And to top it off there were baby tiger cubs and baby lions. It was amazing to see this fierce animals so sweet and cuddly.
So, if you're still looking for a few things to do before the summer wraps up...this is a must do. Click on the link above for the prices, but it's pretty reasonable and the day we went it was definitely worth it! And YES this Safari is in northwest ARKANSAS.

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  1. I highly recommend it too! I think it is awesome that we have something this AWESOME this close to home...but make you go in the morning or on a cooler day!

    You crack me up with all of your rule following. (: