Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reality Check: How Much TV is Too Much?

We talk TV every Thursday. Let's face it there's a lot crud out there that draws us to the tube each and every day. But what about our little ones. I know we all probably have big dreams of "never" letting our little ones get lost in the big screen that decorate most of your living rooms, but it happens.
So how much is too much?
UAMS mentioned this study on twitter today so I decided to check it out.
It said toddlers shouldn't watch anymore than 2 hours of TV a me that seems like a lot to begin with. BUT then I really started to think about the days that I'm up to my eyeballs with chores, bills, etc and how Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse seem to help ease the balance act of child and housework.
Check out the study and let me know what you think. I'm glad we had baby bookworms today and activities this's easier to avoid the TV if you're not in front of it.

PS...if you're a dog lover then be sure to keep checking back because this coming week's giveaway is for man's best friend.

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