Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: Orange Mango

Sticking with my theme of "end of summer fun" ideas Stella and I did some research last night. We tested Orange Mango in Fayetteville and it did NOT disappoint. It is all up to you! You pick your frozen yogurt, you fill your cup, you put on the toppings and then you pay! We went with the chocolate and peanut butter.
Stella dug right in. Orange Mango is a great hangout of anyone. Last night there were a lot of families there. We will be going back.
But you have to be careful. since you pay by the ounce it can add up quick especially when the kiddos are at the toppings table :) So, here's just one more thing you can do with your family or friends before the new school year kicks off.
Stay tuned later this week...I'll have another sweet treat Friday.

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