Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kids Say/Do the Cutest Things

Last night after bathtime I took Stella to put on her PJs. I grabbed a pair of pants and shirt and we just talked and talked like we always do while I get her dressed. I put these pants on her first and as I was putting on this top she BURST in to tears and said NO NO NO. She wanted either the "cup" top or "giraffe" bottoms. What? She was so upset. I told her the cup top was too small and too hot since it's long sleeve and her giraffe bottoms were dirty. She kept trying to take the top off UNTIL I proved to her the giraffe bottoms were dirty.
We had to take a look in the hamper to prove it...then she believed me. My goodness, how dare I put her in mismatched clothes! I guess that's what happens when some pajamas come with multiple tops and bottoms! Do I deserve the worst mother of the night award, or what?! :)
So what cute things do your kiddos do? Please share.

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