Monday, February 28, 2011

A whole Lot of Shaking going on!

You know the saying about Arkansas "If you don't like the weather - just stick around a while?"
Well - the last two months have been something else. We've had a major tornado, two feet of snow, 70 degree days in February, more tornado warnings and a bunch of EARTHQUAKES - including one last night in central AR that was a 4.8! And it was felt up here in NWA!

Did you feel it?????

I was asleep and I don't know if we didn't feel it in Bentonville or I just missed it but it seems like it was felt all over the state. That is so crazy to me!

I was looking up some information on the fault line in AR - wondering if we should add earthquake insurance or not. ha! I found a few links explaining more about the fault line -

What do you think about these earthquakes? I would love to know if you have felt them - especially the one last night! I feel like we are the new California.


  1. After last night's quake I had to find an "app for that", a friend posted one - Quakefeed.

  2. I love reading kellyskorner, but I am not a good commenter. However, I will comment on this one. We live in Conway, which is right by Greenbrier where the quake hit. First, I heard a rumble followed by the shaking of my bed and bedroom. Petrified is an understatement. We have had soooo many earthquakes over the past months, but I had never felt one until last night. Very unsettling.....

  3. We've had rain on top of snow and now a lot of flooding! Would love to live someplace WARM!!