Friday, February 4, 2011

Going Crazy? Need Something to Do?

I never thought playdough would be such great entertainment, but it has kept my little toddler busy for quite sometime since we've been stuck inside. We have a jumbo pack of the store bought playdough with scissors, cookie cutters, etc, but if you're looking for something to entertain your kiddos and don't have can make it. All you need is oil, flour, food coloring, water and salt...check it out here. That way you have two projects to kill time. One, you make the playdough and then you play with it!
Also, if you're not sick of the snow and want to make some snow my friend Jennifer has a super cute idea on her blog. You can go here for details on making snow flakes for INSIDE. Oh yeah, and if Jennifer looks familiar to you, she was interviewed by KNWA's Marci Manley the other day on how to stay sane when you're stuck indoors for several days :)

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