Monday, February 21, 2011

Dressing Kids Well for Less!

I knew when I had a little girl that my favorite thing–especially when she was young–would be dressing her up. I’m a huge fan of smocked dresses, swing tops and ruffle pants and custom outfits. I especially love all things monogrammed.

I do love dressing her up each day but I’m also on a budget so I’ve had to find ways to dress her without paying a fortune. I did a lot of internet browsing and found brands that I loved. Ragsland, Kelly’s Kids, Petite Ami, Potato Saks, Bailey Boys and Orient Expressed are just a few of the brands I adore. So I began to shop eBay for those brands. I watch for my daughter’s size and sort by lowest price first and I have found many great deals this way. Nice clothes for toddlers are usually only worn once or twice so everything I have bought has looked brand new.

Another thing I do often is search eBay for “monogrammed H” items. That is my daughter’s first letter of her first name and I have found many custom outfits for bargain prices.

I also found well-dressed children a little older than Harper and offered to buy their hand-me-downs. There are also many great consignment stores in Arkansas as well as events like Rhea Lana and Duck Duck Goose that come to the area a few times a year.

Something I have discovered recently is They have great deals daily - but you have to be fast - they sell out quickly. I think there are other sites out there like and Get on these sites early in the morning to find sizes you need at great prices!

I get asked about shoes also. I started out buying cheap shoes from Target or Wal-Mart and quickly realized they need good shoes for support. And then I kind of became a little obsessed with shoes. Here are a few sites that have CUTE shoes for toddlers or kids:

There are many cute children’s boutiques in our state and it is fun to shop and look for sales or find special outfits for full price. Just a few that I have visited are 3 Monkeys in Rogers, Bella Jacks in Fayetteville and Sara’s and Pink and Blue Avenue in Magnolia.

Dressing a child well doesn’t have to break the bank–you just have to shop smart!

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