Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat Night in Question

I've never heard, "When do we go trick or treating this year," UNTIL this year. I didn't realize that Halloween falling on a Sunday would lead to so many questions and concerns.

So, I had to ask some of you on facebook and twitter when you think Halloween should be and why is it even in question to begin with?

Here's what some of you said...

Kerryanne wrote, "Blah. This question drives me nuts. It's not like you have kiddos up until midnight on Halloween. If Halloween was on a Tuesday they wouldn't switch it to the following Saturday. Why would this be any different?"

Melissa wrote, " I think has more to do with it (Halloween) being on a Sunday."

Timothy said, "I think a huge reason is because the Razorback game is on Saturday and no one will be home to trick or treat. It seems a lot of things revolve around the Razorbacks and sometimes it ruins things for other people."

@MrsSaraScott tweeted, "I wouldn't want trick or treaters ringing my door bell during the Razorback game. I'm fine with Friday."

So there you go. That's just a handful of responses I got. For the most part no "big" city has changed their trick or treating night so the show will go on Sunday night. BUT there are lots of things Friday and Saturday for kiddos to enjoy.

Keeping with family tradition, I know we'll be hitting up the Fayetteville square Friday afternoon for a little Halloween fun, but there's events like that all around northwest Arkansas.

You can go here to see more events posted for Halloween weekend or even check out the events on the KNWA calendar.

I know we have a crazy busy weekend planned that entails being in costume a majority of the time, so maybe we'll see you around town!

Happy Halloween.

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