Friday, October 22, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For those of you who are up early on the days we Skype on KNWA Today then you've heard me mention that this month is breast cancer awareness month.
Well, in honor of October I've picked a blog to feature on the blog the entire month. And while I've mentioned it several times, I thought I'd write about it here too because this women's journey with breast cancer is NOW and she's writing about it.

Patti is a local women who is a mom of two, wife to one and an art teacher to many Springdale students. Her story is honest. Her story is real. Her story will tug at your heart. Please if you have time to read through her posts...she didn't start writing that long ago, so you can start from the it.

I haven't met Patti, but I hope to. I've run into several people that have either seen her blog linked to Something to Blog About or on heard me talk about her blog Skype and they just go on and on about her and her awesome attitude. You can go here or click on the link to the side.

Lets continue to support Patti and her journey with Breast Cancer.

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