Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hogs Go Dancing!

It's not what you think...BUT this Saturday all you Hog fans out there will have a chance to reach for your inner Michael Jackson. Whether your cheering on the Razorbacks from your living rooms OR in the stands, the band is inviting everyone to join in the fun and do their rendition of the "Thriller" dance.

How fun is that?! I first heard about this idea from a friend on Facebook and I was a little skeptical, but guess what it's the real deal.
There is even a how-to video on the alumni association website.
I don't know if I can get all the moves down before Saturday, but I am excited to see the crowd in action. I love the videos you can find on Youtube that shows the masses of people doing dance moves in unison. Maybe that will be hog fans this Saturday.

If you want to join the fun -- pass the information onto your friends and check on the tutorial video here.

Hope to see you strutting your stuff this Saturday.

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