Friday, May 7, 2010

Fashion Forward: The Summer Romper

If you've been shopping at all lately then you KNOW that ROMPERS are in this summer. They are EVERYWHERE. I'll admit, I tried one on the other day and DON'T WORRY...I wont scare you. My legs are still so white that it was comical in the dressing room. BUT I do think the are SOOO cute, but unfortunately I wont be sporting one this year.
Instead, I'll let Stella sport the romper and I'll just wish I could pull it off!
However, I'll be living in summer dresses!
What do you think of these rompers? Ugh, the more I look at them I really wish I could pull them off, but I'm not going to lie to myself and pretend they look good. My legs are TOO long for some of the short-shorts and TOOO WHITE!


  1. Lol same here:) i tried wearing one with tights (black) and it looked awesome you should try it! Its funny how baby clothes become the latest fashion trend for teenagers:P