Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time to Get Your Grub On

I know I was talking about working out just this morning, but my goodness the food the Naturals are providing this baseball season is worth the mention.

I don't if the meals will do much for the waistline, but they sound yummy.
My toddler will be happy to know that baked Macaroni and Cheese will now be on the menu. A new sandwich signature to the ball park is what they're calling "The Three Little Piggies." It doesn't sound like there is anything little about it. Its a hoagie roll with BBQ pork, applewood smoked bacon, and ham topped with cheese sauce and BBQ sauce. I'm not sure if that sounds good to me, but I'm sure it'll be a fan favorite.

There will be popcorn, but not just any popcorn. This year they're offering gourmet popcorn in three flavors; ranch, cheddar cheese, and bacon/cheese. I guess it never hurt to spice up the traditional popcorn.

There are more treats you can enjoy while cheering on the northwest Arkansas Naturals this baseball season. Never fear all the traditional baseball foods will ALWAYS be available.

So I hope you're excited for opening day! It's tomorrow in case you don't have it marked on your calendar. Or you can always check out their game schedule here.

I hope to see you at some of the games...bring an appetite.

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