Monday, April 4, 2011

Mommy Brain is REAL

Have you ever felt like you're losing your mind while pregnant or a new mom? Or have you ever witnessed someone start to lose it?
Well, it's not a myth anymore :)
It's true...I AM a little crazy thanks to the sweet little ones in my life. A friend of mine retweeted this article that Dr.Oz talked about and now my life (and so many other mommys) makes sense.
According to the article, a women's brain shrinks during pregnancy ( I know a lot of husbands are nodding their heads now that the truth is out).
So if you're like me and forget silly things or do random things while carrying a makes sense. Hallelujah!
If you feel like your losing it or your loves ones losing it you really should check out this article.
I think it is amazing how our body prepares us to care for a little one even before they arrive. To even imagine that the brain shrinks to help us focus on more important things then grows again so we can actually care for the little being is amazing. I know I've said amazing a couple times, but lets face's true. Can I get an AMEN!
There's no doubt that ALL babies are little mircles..and it's neat to see how every detail leading up to their arrival is set to help give them the best care possible!
Check it out.
And now I know I'm not crazy...mommy brain is the real deal!

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