Friday, September 3, 2010

show HOPE

Hey ya'll!
I don't know if you know about show HOPE or not, but you should definitely check it out. My dear friend, Lindsey, works very closely with this incredible organization to help orphans around the world. It is close to her heart because she and her husband adopted a beautiful girl from Guatemala a couple years ago. There is daughter is actually in the picture above...Eliana is the cutie with the BIG smile and cute boots.
Anyway, show HOPE has the cutest shirts, bags, hats, etc and all of the money made goes towards a great cause. I'm about to order a hat and cute tote bag, but I wanted to share the fun with you.
If you go to Lindsey's blog she has a code for 10% off and you can order here. I hope you enjoy browsing their items and hopefully will make a order.
Happy shopping.

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  1. Sydney - I found your blog b/c my husband and I love KNWAToday so much. I knew Lindsay in college and read her blog, I'm so glad you chose to highlight her cause. You and I had class together years ago and a mutual friend Megan B... I remember that you had crazy work hours in/after college and it's good to see you have a way to balance home and work in such a neat way. Congratulations!
    - Julianne (Brown) Pierce