Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Excuse Not to Lose Weight?

*I apologize for my lack of post Monday. I just returned from an incredible week in Savannah, GA for my sister in laws wedding and I had VERY limited computer access.

Anyway, I saw this study on KARK's facebook page and I thought it was interesting. It basically says that long term weight loss could result in negative healthy results.

My first thought was...REALLY?!?! We're going to release a study that gives people and excuse not to work out and lose weight? But then again, I guess there are several studies out there that "confuse" me.
Of course, the professional quoted in the research said more research is needed to see if the risk out weighs the benefits of losing weight...so next week this study could be mute. :)

Check out the study and tell me what you think!

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