Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Road Trip Minus the Fat

I don't know about you, but this weather makes me think ROAD TRIP. I'm actually taking a mini-road trip next weekend to Little Rock for a friends 1st Birthday party, so Stella and I are excited.

Usually when we load up the car for a LONG road trip (let's say Florida) we like to make sure we're loaded with snacks. And lets face it we're ALL tempted by the yummy treats at the gas stations we visit while on the road. I was reading this article this morning about foods we "normally" grab while on the go and I thought I'd share.

I know I've grabbed the bag of potato chips (and will probably do it again in my future), but I hate that it's the worst food to grab. I decided to make a list for our next BIG road trip.

Snacks(and remember some of these are for a toddler too)

granola bars


trail mix

popcorn (already popped for obvious reasons)



diet drinks

and then of course something sweet...just in case

What will you take on your next road trip?

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