Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Thing I Gave Up Sugar

I love studies. It seems there are studies for EVERYTHING. Sometimes I think there are even studies for studies. While I was scanning stories on Arkansas Station's sites I found this study at Arkansas Matters and thought it was very interesting,
To sum up the study, it basically says a mom's (or dad's) kisses can spread cavities to youngsters. I guess there is a bacteria that causes cavities that we can spread by simply giving our little one smooches. When I first read the article I immediately thought it was a good thing i recently gave up sugar and that Stella has her own toothbrushes (yes, she has two). But the study will not detour me for kissing those sweet cheeks!!!! If it means I pay for more dental work in her future, so be it!
How about you, what do you think of this study?

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  1. As a daughter of a mom who is a breast cancer survivor I learned that cancer feeds off sugar. My mom is cutting it out of her diet as much as she can and it has really made me think about what I ingest :)